Konzert morgen (Donnerstag, 11.12.) im Projektraum: Shireen plays Crisis Folk!

Shireen plays Crisis Folk!
11.Dez. 20:30 Malmöer Str. 29Singer/ Songwriter mit Ukulele, auf Weltreise per Anhalter, traditional folk songs, activist lovesongs


I am a travelling musician with a ukulele on a mission! Originally from the Netherlands, and currently hitchhiking back from Indonesia where I spent some time, helping my friends out with animal rescue and conservation projects. I occasionally performed there at benefit and solidarity gigs, ranging from fundraising for conservation, or awareness raising for farmers on East Java fighting against a cement factory on their land.

I made up the genre ‚Crisis Folk‘ to give a name to the songs that I like to sing.
Many kinds of crises manifest themselves in the traditional folk-songs that I like to borrow, they deal with excessive drinking, poverty and violence.

Alongside these songs, I sing ‚activist love songs‘ about other, more contempary crises. About Europe becoming more and more like a fortress with the ever increasing border controls and violent repression of the ’sans-papiers‘ (undocumented people) and ’no border‘ activists. Or the damage that is done to ecosystems in search of profit.

Yes, these are also truly lovesongs. As you cannot fight without loving.

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